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Skin Disease Treatment

Discover the world of skin disease treatment with Dr. Sahil Arora, an expert in homeopathy dedicated to providing personalized solutions for various skin conditions. Dr. Arora believes in the body's natural ability to heal and brings years of experience to his practice. If you are looking for the best homeopathy doctor in Delhi for skin disease treatment then you are at right place.

best homeopathy doctor in Delhi for skin

Skin Treatment by Dr. Sahil Arora

Dr. Sahil Arora is a highly esteemed Homeopathy Specialist Doctor in India with a wealth of experience in the field. His medical journey commenced in 2011 upon the completion of his medical graduate degree (BHMS) at the renowned Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre in New Delhi, operating under the auspices of the Government of India.

Continuing his educational pursuits, Dr. Sahil pursued a postgraduate degree at the Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital. Additionally, he undertook a specialty course in predictive homoeopathy at the International College of Homeopathic Medicine, in collaboration with The European Centre for Peace & Development—an organization founded by the United Nations (UN).

Having served as an assistant professor at his alma mater, Dr. Sahil dedicated two years to working at Esic Hospital in Gurugram, further honing his expertise.

Dr. Sahil Arora is known for providing attentive and comprehensive care to all his patients. He takes the time to understand their mental and physical health, treating them in a holistic manner. This patient-centered approach underscores his commitment to fostering overall well-being in those under his care.

Holistic Approach

Dr. Arora focuses on the holistic principles of homeopathy, addressing the root cause of skin diseases rather than just treating symptoms. His plans are personalized, considering factors like lifestyle, stress, and genetics, aiming for long-lasting results.

Common conditions treated

1. Acne and Pimples

2. Eczema and Dermatitis

3. Psoriasis

4. Rosacea

5. Fungal Infections

6. Vitiligo

7. Allergic Reactions

8. Warts and Molluscum Contagiosum

9. Hives and Rashes

Patient-Centric Care

Dr. Sahil Arora creates a warm environment for patients by conducting thorough examinations and considering medical history. Personalized treatment plans align with individual needs.

Why Choose Homeopathy?

1. Non-Invasive: Gentle and suitable for all ages.

2. No Side Effects: Natural remedies without harmful side effects.

3. Holistic Healing: Addresses underlying causes for overall well-being.

4. Individualized Care: Tailored treatment plans for each patient.


For effective and natural skin disease solutions, trust Dr. Sahil Arora and experience the power of holistic treatment through homeopathy. Schedule a consultation today for a journey towards radiant and healthy skin.

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